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Marcello Lattari, Italy
Sito culturale sull'arte dell'Africa subsahariana, maschere rituali, statue lignee, oggetti rituali, bronzi, foto storiche, mappe etniche, curiosit‡, miti e leggende.Un sito non a scopo di lucro.
2003-05-15 21:23:23 | 17 Votes | 0 Comments | 24751 Hits

Africaclub, Madrid, Spain
A simple and effective exhibition and sale of african Art and crafts. Africaclub is just the name of my web page, it is not a club. When I created this site in 1997, I didn't find any other better name. I spend half of my live travelling through Africa, covering thousands of miles to buy items, and the other half selling them from my warehouse of Madrid,
2003-02-07 09:27:49 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 18803 Hits

Galerie Walu, Zürich, Switzerland
Since 1957, the family business Galerie Walu has focused on the fascinating cultures of West Africa and on the impressive art of these peoples. What sets us apart are our personal connections with the countries of origin, practical experience and specialist knowledge of ethnology and art history acquired over decades.
2004-03-25 00:14:37 | 9 Votes | 0 Comments | 18685 Hits

Galerie Aussereuropäische Kunst Dierking, Köln, Germany
Die Galerie Aussereuropäische Kunst Dierking (Dierk Ernst Dierking) widmet sich vornehmlich dem Handel von Artefakten aus Afrika, Asien, Amerika und Ozeanien.
2003-05-09 19:55:29 | 7 Votes | 0 Comments | 18405 Hits

Galerie Kirbach, Düsseldorf, Germany
André Kirbach: "...Grundgerüst für den Einstieg ins Galeriegeschehen waren neben der Liebe zur Kunst meine intensiven Kontakte zu Sammlern und Ethnologen. Dieses zeigt sich dem Besucher auch in der Auswahl an Masken und Skulpturen, die ich in meiner Etagengalerie in Düsseldorf präsentiere..."
2003-02-07 13:58:00 | 18 Votes | 0 Comments | 18151 Hits

Galerie Schlag Adrian, Brussels, Belgium
Stammeskunst aus Afrika und Ozeanien
2003-06-09 14:16:41 | 9 Votes | 0 Comments | 17360 Hits

Arts Primitifs, Strasbourg, France
Galerie d'Art Africain online. Des pièces rares ou ‡ collectionner conservées "dans leur jus". La galerie située près de Strasbourg - France, propose également de nombreuses autres pièces plus volumineuses ne figurant pas au catalogue. N'hésitez pas ‡ demander...

African Art Gallery online, nearby Strasbourg - France. Rare top pièces of fine African Art. We publish new pieces every month. Selling and shipping in Europe.
2004-01-23 18:49:13 | 22 Votes | 0 Comments | 16729 Hits

AAA - African Art Auctions
Galerie Walu is proud to announce that they will hold regular auctions as a means of extension to their activities in collaboration with Galerie Koller, the largest swiss auction house.Die Galerie Walu freut sich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Galerie Koller, dem grössten Auktionshaus der Schweiz, regelmässige Auktionen durchzuführen. Für Besucherinnen und Besucher der Auktion stehen die Chancen gut, auch preisgünstig ein interessantes Objekt zu erstehen.
2003-02-07 09:05:44 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 16670 Hits

African American Art Links
Long Island University Links to African American Art on the Internet
2003-02-26 22:47:02 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 16568 Hits

Maison Artcurial, Paris, France
also african art auctions. Expert: Bernard de Grunne
2003-06-12 00:23:22 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 16350 Hits

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