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Contemporary African Art
Afrum, Sweden, Tanzania
AFRUM is featuring African contemporary visual art. Most of the artists come from Tanzania which is known for two modern art styles – Makonde sculptures and Tingatinga paintings. But Tanzania harbors not only local modern artists such as well-known George Lilanga but even many international. AFRUM has direct contact with most of them. We popularize this fantastic art through exhibitions and articles.
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The A-Gallery
A-Gallery is a web gallery and forum on original African art especially paintings by artists from East and South Africa. There is an abundance of incredibly talented artists in Africa who need such forums to promote and sell their paintings and to show what they have to offer.
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The Merka Art Gallery
Contemporary African Art
8.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6984 Hits

Antognoni Brunhoso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paintings by the Angolan artist from Amsterdam, Antognoni Brunhoso. One painting is based on the book about Queen Lueji by the Angolan writer Pepetela. Includes scrapbook and decorated envelopes.
21.7.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7206 Hits

African American Art, Springfield, MA, USA
Nelson Stevens: "There are many examples of history and culture, these facets are visiable within in the art it just takes some one with an open mind to see it". (Partially political and religious)
1.5.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7606 Hits

Axis Gallery Online
Artists, Photographers, African Art, Exhibitions, Store
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Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin, Germany
Zeitgenössische Kunst internationaler Künstler mit thematischem Schwerpunkt Afrika. Authentische Stammeskunst und höfische Kunst West- und Zentralafrikas.
18.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 8333 Hits

African Craft
A web site dedicated to bringing the arts and the artisans of Africa online.
26.2.2003 | 1 Votes | 0 Comments | 8401 Hits

Galerie Franke, Stuttgart
Zeitgenössische und traditionelle Kunst aus Afrika
25.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7428 Hits

Chiefs and Spirits Galerie, The Hague, Netherlands
In Dutch and English. "was the first gallery in the Netherlands exclusively dedicated to the promotion of Zimbabwean sculpture." Exhibits the work of upcoming African painters, provides a home-base to the work of the Nigerian artist, Toyin Loye
21.7.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6861 Hits

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