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Online Magazine: Artthrob, Cape-Town, South Africa
Artthrob is South Africa's leading contemporary visual arts publication, reporting on the national arts scene and the involvement of South African artists in the international art world. Founded as a one-person site by Sue Williamson in August 1997, Artthrob has since expanded to many times its original size.
1.5.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6997 Hits

Online Magazine: Agence Tropiques, Cikuru Batumike, Bienne, Switzerland
Agence Tropiques est un e-zine suisse d'information sur l'Afrique et les Antilles dans le monde produit par MédiaTropiques. Le site vous propose une juste approche des réalités africaines et antillaises.
17.2.2003 | 2 Votes | 0 Comments | 7926 Hits

Online magazine: Cloudband is a highly interactive web site designed for anyone with an interest in carpets, textiles, asian and tribal art. The site currently features five discrete venues, where users can view dealer presentations, read specialist articles, join in topical debates, keep up-to-date with events internationally and meet other like-minded enthusiasts.
17.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7132 Hits

African Arts, Los Angeles, CA, USA
African Arts is a quarterly journal devoted to the plastic and graphic arts of Africa, broadly defined to encompass sculpture in wood, metal, ceramic, ivory, and stone, and less familiar work in fiber, hide, mud, and other materials. Included in this mandate are architecture, arts of personal adornment, contemporary fine and popular arts, and the arts of the Africa diaspora. In addition, the journal encourages dialogue on other forms of African expressive culture: film, theater, dance, and music. African Arts is published quarterly by the James S. Coleman African Studies Center, University of California, Los Angeles.
25.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7751 Hits

Revue Noire, Contemporary Art
To know the Africa from here and from there, wherever you the reader may be, Revue Noire has been revealing the best of contemporary creation for over ten years, country by country, theme by theme, believing in the power of art to better understand which hopes go to make up the world.

Pour comprendre de quels espoirs le monde est fait, pour une connaissance de l'Afrique de l'ici et de l'ailleurs, Revue Noire depuis presque dix ans, fait découvrir le meilleur de la création contemporaine, pays par pays, thème par thème.
26.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6486 Hits

ijele, Art eJournal of the African World
Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World is an online journal of contemporary art and architecture, art history and criticism, focusing exclusively on the visual creative expressions of artists in Africa and other regions of the world. As well, it also highlights the work of non-African / non-Diaspora artists who use iconography and symbolisms derived from any of the artistic traditions of Africa. Ijele: Art eJournal provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality, and is devoted to making a major contribution to the advancement of African art studies in universities all over the world. Interviews that illumine the creative politics and philosophy of artists are especially welcome.
26.2.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6519 Hits

Africa e Mediterraneo, Bologna, Italy
Africa e Mediterraneo is a quarterly magazine founded in 1992 by Iscos-Cisl, an NGO that deals with African countries' culture and society. Africa e Mediterraneo deals with African cultural richness: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), cinema, and relations that are more and more taking place between African and European populations.
1.5.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6759 Hits

Online Magazine: Africultures
Africultures se veut ainsi : - un lieu díinformation pratique : calendrier des événements culturels, actualité du livre et du disque, critique des films avant leur sortie, expositions, concerts et spectacles. - un lieu de parole : priorité donnée aux acteurs de ces cultures (interviews, écriture). - un lieu de connaissance, díéchange et de réflexion : sous la forme de dossiers, un approfondissement de thèmes traversant ces cultures ou bien consacrés ‡ un pays.
9.5.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7001 Hits

The World of Tribal Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Quarterly magazine dedicated to fine and antique traditional tribal art. Publisher: Alex Arthur, Primedia Inc.
12.6.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 7208 Hits

Magazin für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Afrikas. Gegründet 1888. Herausgeber: Deutsche Afrika Stiftung e.V. - Berlin
21.6.2003 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 6820 Hits

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